Métal Vert, since 1989

In the heart of their landscaped park, the “all-metal garden”, Bernard Joly – who founded
Architectures de Jardin in 1989 – and his nephew Baptiste Joly design and build garden pavilions, arches and peristyles.

A dedication to metalwork which is specifically for gardens.

The company’s trademark: a solid know-how based on quality craftsmanship tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. For many projects we visit the sites, enabling us to design structures which are closely in tune with their environment.



Our structures are manufactured in our workshop in Brion, near the city of Poitiers.
Once the structure has been assembled it is sent to another workshop for galvanization.
It can then be painted in an oven using the powder coating process.



All of our products are constructed in our workshop and then hot-dip galvanized after welding. Galvanization is a process which involves depositing a coating of zinc on the steel by dipping the structure into a bath of zinc which is melted to a temperature of 450°C. This treatment protects the steel from corrosion.

Powder coating

Powder coating is a surface treatment procedure in which powdered paint (epoxy) is sprayed onto a metal object which is then heat-cured in an oven. The combination of these two treatments gives our products exceptionally long life spans.

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